About Me

Welcome to Herring & Potatoes, a simple, delicious, and sometimes funny food blog created to share the recipes and dishes I create in my NYC kitchen.

I created this site to finally put into writing my food journeys and recipe creations. I will always credit the original recipe if what I make is built from someone else’s work. Also, I’m not really a recipe writer. I’ve started trying to write down all the exact measurements but then I’ll go ahead and shake in another teaspoon (ish) of something and then immediately forget to write it down. I can’t promise recipes without the words “about” and “to taste” – which really just means you get to dip your spoon in more often and edit it just the way you like it.

When people ask me what my cooking style is I answer:

  • Whole: I like using fresh whole products whenever possible (also on the list are butter, cream, flour, sugar, and oil!) I think it can be easy and not always super time consuming to cook from scratch and hopefully the recipes I post here will convey that.
  • Thick: A little weird, I know. Among the many things “thick” means to me is this idea of food sticking to your bones and nourishing your soul. I think of my Bubbe when I think of thick; she was ready to cook a full meal for you the second you hinted that you might be hungry.
  • Family Style: I believe that community is best built around the table and I create food that aims to do just that. The kind of food that you could put down in front of any of your friends if they walked in the door or something to incorporate into your next dinner party. I really love when you have to pass food around the table and everyone begins talking to each other. There’s magic in meals.

Other fun info about me:

  • My kitchen is strictly kosher. You won’t see recipes with shellfish or pork and I will never share a recipe that combines a dairy product and a meat product.
  • We (myself and my husband Ari) are part of the global EatWith community and, as hosts, offer 1-2 meals a month through the site. If you haven’t checked out EatWith I highly recommend it and if you’re in NYC come eat by us!
  • I have a deep passion for social justice and community and am currently working on several projects around an idea at the intersection of food and community.
  • I’m a lefty! Which is super great…until your kitchen products work against you.
  • My family is from just outside the city with roots in Eastern Europe and the Lower East Side.
  • I’m lactose intolerant but that doesn’t stop me from cooking and eating all the butter, cream, and cheese..thankfully, lactose pills.

Drop me a line at sarit.wishnevski@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments you don’t want to post on the blog!

Thanks so much for reading and (hopefully) cooking along!